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Bill Johnson Ties Charlie Wilson to Ground Zero Mosque

In the contest for OH-6, the campaign of Republican contender Bill Johnson sent out this press release yesterday on the highly unpopular Ground Zero Mosque:

Will Charlie Wilson Stand Up To President Obama On Ground Zero Mosque?

Bill Johnson says mosque question hinges on respect for Americans killed on 9/11… Following President Obama’s endorsement of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero in New York City, candidate for Congress Bill Johnson had the following to say: 

“I’m deeply committed to defending the Constitution, but this isn’t about religious rights – it’s about respect for the Americans killed on 9/11.  Barack Obama was wrong to support a mosque at ground zero andhis ally – incumbent Congressman Charlie Wilson – ought to stand up to the President and tell him he’s wrong.”   

With President Obama expected to visit Ohio to raise money for Democrats like Charlie Wilson this week, Bill Johnson asked whether Charlie Wilson will renounce President Obama’s support of the mosque. 

“Charlie Wilson votes with his party’s leadership over 98% of the time, and he ignored the wishes of his constituents to support Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s health care plan.  As the President prepares for another fundraising visit to Ohio, one has to wonder whether Charlie Wilson will once again ignore his constituents or whether he’ll do the right thing and renounce the President’s support of the mosque at such a sacred site.”

Bill Johnson is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who resides in Poland with his wife LeeAnn and son Nathan.  He currently works in a senior management IT role with a public traded company headquartered in Northeast Ohio.


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