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Bloomberg’s John Kerry Cheesesteak Moment

In the City of Brotherly Love’s time honored cheesesteak tradition, practiced by tourists and elites alike, Michael Bloomberg and Joe Sestak stopped yesterday to pick one up. Then things got weird.

Remember when John Kerry infamously tried to order Swiss Cheese on his cheesesteak when campaigning in the city in 2003? At the time, a critic at the Philadelphia Inquirer said of the gaffe: ”In Philadelphia, that’s an alternative lifestyle.”

Well, Bloomberg and Sestak have doubled down on effete. They ordered cheesesteaks from a local grocery store, and then took theirs to go, even as Bloomberg professes that he couldn’t possibly eat the whole thing. The worst part of this badly choreographed stunt is that Bloomberg even indicates to the camera that he is aware of the Kerry gaffe. Perhaps pols should just avoid cheesesteak.

Video of Bloomberg and Sestak’s awkward moment:

Now, I don’t mean to impute too much meaning onto this, but I’ll say that it’s not the type of move that’s going to resonate with the common man.

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