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Bob Casey Pleads For Democratic Control

Sen. Bob Casey was in Scranton this weekend campaigning for Paul Kanjorski, a long-time incumbent in danger of losing his seat to Lou Barletta. Casey, echoing the Democratic meme that the country is “headed in the right direction,” said that to elect Republicans in November would be a vote to privatize Social Security.

Casey blamed Republicans for sending the country into ‘an economic ditch’ that the Democrats are trying to dig out of and credited his party for fighting for health care, small businesses, and regulation of Wall Street, despite Republican roadblocks. …

Bill Clinton, campaigning for Joe Sestak earlier this month, spoke along the same lines, blaming Republicans under George W. Bush for a moribund economy. This theme, though, ignores the fact that Pelosi-Reid congressional control began four years ago, and that Pennsylvanians are overwhelming pessimistic about the future.


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