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Breaking: Kasich Debuts Ohio “Commonsense Initiative”

The following initiative was just released in a press conference by the Kasich Campaign. The full text of the plan can be found on the web here:

CSI OHIO: THE COMMONSENSE INITIATIVE Cutting the Red Tape That’s Holding Ohio Back

Despite previous reform attempts, Ohio is beset by duplicative, outdated and excessive rules and regulations from state agencies that hinder economic growth and job creation.  John Kasich and Mary Taylor will tear down the barriers to growth created by regulations and reduce compliance costs to the lowest level consistent with public health and safety and legislative intent.

Conduct a Comprehensive Review of Regulations: As lieutenant governor, Mary Taylor will immediately initiate a review of agencies’ regulations and bring agencies’ into agreement with the Administration’s principles.

Foster a Constructive Environment: Agency directors will guide regulatory staff in developing a constructive attitude toward businesses, and penalty funds will be deposited in the General Revenue Fund instead of agency accounts.

Disclose Proposed Regulations and Seek Public Feedback:  All agencies will consistently disclose new and revised regulations and seek public comment in advance of regulations’ implementation.  A special regulatory response contact and hotline will be created in the Office of the Governor to which businesses can turn for help.

Protect At-Risk Workers and Seek Lower Costs:  Agencies will seek to minimize the adverse economic impact on at-risk workers and continuously seek to reduce regulations’ economic impact and compliance processes.

Streamline New Business Registrations:  Agencies will consolidate applications for registrations/permits for new businesses in a single online tool. Sunset All Regulations:  All regulations will expire on a regular schedule and must be reevaluated and renewed or be removed from the Ohio Administrative Code.


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