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Breaking: Toomey’s Lead Fluctuating

A slew of new polls are out this afternoon showing Pat Toomey’s lead fluctuating on the heels of Joe Sestak launching his first attack ad yesterday.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll among likely voters has Toomey up by 10 points, breaking into his first double-digit lead. 47 to 37 percent. Meanwhile, Rasmussen’s latest poll among likely voters has Toomey’s lead shrinking to six points, 45 to 39 percent. 

Among registered voters at large (in other words, those who have an opinion but might not get to the voting booth), Toomey’s lead shrinks to 3 points, at 40 to 37 percent.

These polls come on the heels of recent data suggesting that Pennsylvanians are overwhelmingly pessimistic about the direction of the Commonwealth. Nearly six in ten say Pennsylvania is headed in the wrong direction. 

Toomey’s campaign sits on a larger cash pile than Sestak’s at the moment, though exact figures won’t be available until Sept. 21. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will be spending roughly $4 million on ads for Sestak as we near election day.

In other words, things are likely to get hotter, and closer, than Toomey’s 6 or 10 point leads suggest.


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