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Buck: ‘Absolutely’ Wants Tea Party Support

In Ken Buck’s latest appearance he restates that his support in the grassroots includes the Tea Party, but that the support extends far beyond that:

Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck (R) today heralded the role of the “tea party” movement in helping him win his party’s nomination in the Colorado Senate race earlier this month.

“The tea party was huge in my success in the primary,” Buck said in an appearance on the ABC/Washington Post “Top Line” program.

Buck said that he and members of the tea party are in agreement “on most issues” and that he “absolutely” wants their support in the general election. But he cautioned that he sees himself not as a tea party candidate, but as a “grassroots candidate.”

The “Top Line” interviewers also sought Buck’s opinion on Colorado’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, Dan Maes, but Buck declined to suggest that Maes drop out, saying he “earned the spot” on the ticket.


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