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Campaigns Confirm: Rory Reid and Brian Sandoval Scheduled for Three Debates

The Brian Sandoval and Rory Reid campaigns have told Battle ‘10 there are now three firm debates on their schedule books. The first has already been publicized:

  • Channel 8/Las Vegas Review-Journal debate on education on Aug. 29 at the Agassi Academy in Las Vegas

These next two are now also confirmed:

  • Channel 10/NV Broadcasters statewide debate on Oct. 7 (taping in Las Vegas)

  • NBC debate in Elko on Oct. 26

More information–about the format and moderators–will be forthcoming.

Last week’s impromptu stunt at an event led to Sandoval saying he would only do three (more) debates with Reid, and Reid subsequently calling Sandoval’s position “ridiculous.” But as long as Sandoval remains comfortably ahead in the polls, there is little reason for him to agree to more than the minimum.

Today’s Las Vegas Sun examined the July schedules of the two candidates and indeed, Reid appears to know he needs to be much busier on the campaign trail.


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