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In Case You Missed It: Bloomberg, Endorsing Sestak, Called For ‘More Immigrants’

When Michael Bloomberg was in Philadelphia earlier this week to endorse Joe Sestak, the mayor took the opportunity to remark on immigration:

“Those that think we should have fewer immigrants in tough times just don’t understand. We need more immigrants.”

Sestak is struggling not simply because Pat Toomey is running a formidable campaign, but in large part thanks to a perpetual inability to maintain a focused message on the campaign trail. This comment by endorser Bloomberg is merely the latest example.

At a time when America is still hemorrhaging jobs, with a stagnant economy, Sestak and his pal are embarking on another “teachable moment” crusade for those “bitter God-n-guns clinging” Pennsylvanians. 

These are the kinds of people Sestak wants to surround himself with?


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