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Crist Leads New Poll with Democrat Support

Today’s Quinnipiac poll has a Gov. Charlie Crist winning a Crist-Rubio-Meek race at 39-32-16, and a Crist-Rubio-Greene race at 40-32-15.

Nearly half of Democrats say they’ll support Crist even if Meek is the nominee.

In the Senate race against Rubio and Meek, Crist gets 45 percent of the Democrats — more than Meek’s 36 percent — and 50 percent of the independent voters. Against Greene, Crist gets 51 percent of the Democrats to Greene’s 31 percent, and 48 percent of independent voters.

“Crist is getting more support from Democrats than either Greene or Meek. The key for Crist will be whether he can hold this many Democrats once the party’s nomination is settled and keep his half of the independent voters,” said Brown.

Odd as it may sound, Rubio needs the Democrat in the race to run a good campaign.


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