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Dems Lock Up the Communist Vote in Ohio

The Communist Party USA has evidently been pouring all of its two dollars into Ohio’s various races, trying to get the most pro-union, anti-business people elected to office. Even so, this item from New Zeal makes things interesting:

Democrats and local Communist Party USA members have united to promote Democratic candidates in the November mid term elections.

Leading Communist Party members like Wally Kaufman and Diana Sowry have formed an alliance with local labor unions and the Democrats to try and stem and reverse the coming Republican/Tea Party tide come November.

They are backing Congressional hopeful Bill O’Neill as well as State Treasurer candidate Kevin Boyce, Senate candidate Lee Fisher and gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland.

This would not be the first time Lee Fisher was extolled in a party organ. In 1995, his policy director Todd Ambs published an article in the Columbus Free Press (edited by the head of the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio) praising Fisher’s tenure as Attorney General and his willingness to go after local Republican parties.


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