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The Devil and Daniel Webster

Meet Daniel Webster, a veteran of the state legislature hoping to unseat progressive champion Alan Grayson in FL-8. Over 28 years in state government, Webster served as both Senate majority leader and House Speaker.

To get a feel for him, listen to how he describes his decision to jump into the election:

Six months passed. During that six months, we started borrowing $4 billion a day. We turned our back on Israel. And a healthcare bill, that seemed dead at the time, passed. … My family began thinking, ‘we’ve got to do something – we have a small business, but we’re not even going to have a business if we don’t do something.’ So they all came together at once and said, ‘this is the right thing to do,’ and two days later I entered the race.

The GOP primary is cluttered with seven candidates, but Webster’s name recognition and ringing endorsement from the Orlando Sentinel may help pull him over the finish line.

Watch his introductory video:


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