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DNC Chair Calls Democrats Running from Obama ‘Crazy,’ as RNC Slams Bennet for Association

Via Hot Air:

Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine calls Democratic candidates running away from President Barack Obama “crazy”:

“Democrats who kind of are afraid to be who they are or who are pushing back on their leaders, I think they’re crazy.”

Sen. Michael Bennet shared the stage with Kaine last Thursday at a Democratic “unity” rally in Denver, but features prominently in the ad:

Sen. Michael Bennet, the Colorado Democrat who is running for a full term after being named to the job in 2009, is shown in the cartoon sitting in the front row of Air Force One as Obama announces he is coming to campaign for him.

Bennet and the several other Democrats are then shown sliding down a yellow inflatable slide out the side door of Air Force One, screaming as they hit the ground and run away from the plane.

Bennet has generated headlines with his recent hedging on whether he wants Obama to come campaign for him in the fall.

Bennet began his Presidential vacillations just hours after winning his hotly contested primary on Aug. 10.


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