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DNC Pulls Ad, Edits Out Image of a Reid White Elephant, Re-posts

Legal Insurrection has the play-by-play on the Democratic National Committee’s recent posting, yanking, editing, and re-posting of an ad talking about holding big business accountable. An observant Nevada blogger noted that a background shot of CityCenter, a large mixed-use urban complex on 76-acres on the Las Vegas Strip, was removed and replaced with a generic big city shot. HotAirPundit has the before and after screen shots.

Apparently the DNC decided that CityCenter, which was saved from bankruptcy by phone calls made from Harry Reid to bank lenders, was not exactly the best example of accountability. Harry Reid has taken credit for saving CityCenter and 22,000 Nevada jobs, and has bashed Angle for saying she would not have intervened:

It has been widely overlooked that Nevada’s junior senator, John Ensign, also placed calls to lenders on behalf of the floundering project, and not all Republicans agree with Angle that it was a bad idea.

The phone calls raised ethical questions about whether senators responsible for regulatory oversight should be asking banks to lend money to projects in their state.

Update (3:20 p.m.):  Oops. A Nevada reader emailed and said he thinks the photo in question is actually of the incomplete Fontainbleau Las Vegas project and not of CityCenter. I compared some different photos of the two sites, and I think he is right. Here is a good photo of Fontainbleau and its vicinity on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Not sure why the DNC edited the Fontainbleau out of their ad, unless they decided that a failed hotel/condo/casino project was not a very good example of a big, evil corporation, either. Or that they didn’t want any Las Vegas backdrop in order to avoid any potential Nevada-related criticisms of Harry Reid. Or maybe there was some other reason that is not evident.


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