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Driehaus Refusing to Return Rangel Money

This is a few weeks old, but with Rangel in the news so much, this story from the Cincinnati Enquirer ought to raise some eyebrows:

Within minutes of news that Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has been charged with 13 violations of congressional ethics, the GOP went full speed, blasting Congressional Democrats – like West Price Hill’s Driehaus – who have not already returned the disgraced congressman’s donations.

“This is just more proof that Driehaus will always put his own interests and his party’s interests ahead of principle and the values of Southwestern Ohioans,” the National Republican Congressional Committee said.

Reports from the Federal Election Commission show that Driehaus received $10,000 from Rangel’s National Leadership PAC and $4,000 from the Rangel for Congress campaign fund during his 2008 campaign cycle.

In response, Driehaus said he wasn’t returning money that “was spent back in 2008.”

“I can tell you I haven’t taken a dime from Rangel since I became a member of Congress,” he said, adding that his Republican opponent did not return BP donations.

I’d like to invite readers to try the “I already spent it” trick the next time they get money from any illicit source and see if the police buy it.


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