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Fisher Campaign in Personnel Trouble?

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Anyone who knows Fisher will attest that he can be utterly charming, that his lightning-quick wit and disarming humor can put at ease everyone from the mightiest corporate scion to the waitress pouring his coffee. That attribute, along with meticulous preparation and a tireless work ethic, explain why he has been an effective Ohio attorney general, state development director and lieutenant governor.

But there is another side of Fisher’s personality that explains, in part, why he is in danger of letting the Senate seat slip from his grasp three months from Election Day. Simply put, the man is a bear to work for. It is one of the worst-kept secrets on Capitol Square.

This is an unconventional explanation for why Fisher’s campaign has been struggling recently against Rob Portman, but it has some legs. Fisher’s on his third campaign manager, and that means a strategy which is less cohesive and coordinated than would be ideal. You also have to wonder if Portman is going to turn this into an attack line along the lines of “Lee Fisher can’t even work with his own campaign staff, so how can he negotiate in the Senate?”

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