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Florida’s Early Voting System Embraced

The New York Times examines Florida’s early voting system. Polls opened Monday, Aug. 9, even though the primary date isn’t until Aug. 24.

Democrats in particular have experienced a change of heart with the extended process. When it first went into effect in 2002, some feared it was a trick engineered by the Republican-controlled Legislature to suppress turnout. As recently as 2008, some African-American voters feared that it led to greater disenfranchisement for one reason or another.

Two years later, Democrats have more confidence in the system, which may be a product of electoral math. The latest registration figures show Democrats with a 612,000-voter advantage over Republicans, up from about 466,000 before the 2008 primary, and 300,000 in 2006, a bright spot heading toward the general election.

Less clear is who will benefit in the 2010 primary.


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