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Grayson Sends Voters DVD Detailing His Accomplishments (On Their Dime)

Tim Alberta with Politico reports more trouble for Alan Grayson in FL-8: 

Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s decision to mail thousands of DVDs — which essentially serve as a legislative highlight reel of his first term – to his Orlando-area constituents sparked a backlash late last week when those constituents realized that $73,000 of their tax dollars paid for it. 

Now, on top of facing voter anger in November, Grayson faces a lawsuit. 

Todd Long, one of seven Republicans vying for the GOP nomination to challenge Grayson in November, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court seeking an injunction to prevent Grayson from using any more taxpayer money on DVDs. 

Long insists the lawsuit is anything but a publicity stunt, telling POLITICO, “We expect to win.” 

“We also asked the judge to rule the spending unconstitutional, and make Grayson reimburse the Treasury with $73,000,” said Long, a lawyer of 20 years who says he’s “fighting back” against Grayson’s abuse of the Constitution.


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