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Greene’s Truth Deficit on Cuban Yacht Trip May Give Crist Advantage

Mike Thomas, blogging for the Orlando Sentinel, sums up the pickle that Florida Democrats now find themselves in. Several polls have shown Jeff Greene leading the Democratic Senate primary. But due to the truth deficit surrounding his yacht trip to Cuba, he’s growing ever more unpalatable as a candidate. Which means a Greene primary win could make Gov. Charlie Crist the “de facto Democrat” in the race.

If you have Crist, Marco Rubio and Greene on the ballot, Crist probably wins with a coalition of Democrats, moderate Republicans and pro-choice Republican women.

If you have Crist, Rubio and Meek on the ballot, then Rubio’s chances go up, particularly if President Obama campaigns for Meek and the base comes home to roost. That divides enough Democratic votes between Meek and Crist that Rubio wins. 

So a Democrat voting in the August primary whose sole purpose is to stop Rubio probably would cast a strategic vote for Greene. 

A true-believer Democrat would vote for Meek.


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