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Hickenlooper: Current Tax Rates are ‘As Low as We Can Go’

WhoSaidYouSaid.com asked Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper in July about his plans to help the economy while keeping taxes low, releasing the video and a transcript of the exchange yesterday:

“The question is that if you’re really gonna try to help the economy, what are my thoughts about raising taxes? And, you know, it’s funny because people keep coming up to me and asking me to lower taxes.[…]

But at a certain point you can’t keep making things cheaper and cheaper. At a certain point you’re as low as you can go. I think we’re about as low as we can go with taxes. Right? At the state level, the city levels, all the way through. So, I’m not…As I go around the state, I can guarantee you I haven’t found anywhere where people want to raise taxes…”

Hickenlooper has promoted several tax increases in Denver during his tenure as mayor.


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