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Interesting Compare/Contrast of Ohio Gubernatorial Candidates

The Columbus Dispatch is apparently tired of all the seriousness surrounding the gubernatorial election, and recently sat down to interview Ted Strickland (the Democrat) and John Kasich (the Republican) on questions of a more personal nature. Most of it’s pretty harmless, but two of the questions stick out as politically relevant:

8. Where do you get most of your news?


JK: Newspapers […]

17. Who was the best

U.S. president?


JK: George Washington

Now, as regards the first question, isn’t this the opposite of the way things are supposed to go according to the usual narrative? Aren’t Republicans supposed to watch Fox only, while those broad-minded Democrats are comfortable absorbing all types of news? So what’s Kasich doing reading “newspapers” while Strickland holes up with MSNBC? Could it be that MSNBC is the only network giving Democrats good news these days?

I’ve never understood, either, how one can plausibly argue that the man who created the social-welfare state and gutted the commerce clause could be a greater president than the father of our country. But that’s just me.

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