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Is a Jim DeMint Ad Buy on Deck for Sharron Angle?

While most senators use their political action committees to donate $5,000 to selected candidates’ campaigns, the Senate Conservatives Fund — a.k.a. Senator Jim DeMint’s leadership PAC — has been spending tens of thousands of dollars in independent expenditures and on ad buys for his favored candidates all over the country.

DeMint has so far spent $141,000 backing Republican Ken Buck in the Colorado primary, plus a $85,000 purchase of radio airtime in the state. Demint has also invested nearly $400,000 in Marco Rubio in Florida. Overall, the Senate Conservatives Fund has invested a cool $1.7 million in nine candidates during the current election cycle, more than all other congressional and leadership PACs combined.

The third to last paragraph in today’s Politico piece on the Senate Conservatives Fund may be of interest to those following the money game in Nevada’s U.S. senate race:

DeMint may make additional ad buys, including in Nevada on behalf of Sharron Angle — who already has benefited from $162,000 in independent expenditures.

Angle surely hopes so. Harry Reid reported $8.9 million in his campaign coffers, while Angle had just $1.8 million at the end of June.


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