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Joe Sestak’s Obamacare Publicity Fair

Joe Sestak held a fair yesterday near Philadelphia, the first “Healthy Families Resource Fair.” Held at Upper Darby High School, the event aimed to “connect hundreds of constituents with nearly 80 different government agencies and non-governmental organizations”.

They were there to explain “upcoming opportunities” resulting from Obamacare.

As the implementation of health care reform law begins, Congressman Sestak is working to provide the members of our community with informative and useful resources regarding the changes to our health care system.

“It is the responsibility of those who worked on this effort of securing affordable care for all Americans to now explain to people the ways they can and will benefit,” said the Congressman. “We are providing millions of uninsured Americans with quality, affordable health care, delivering much needed relief to seniors in the form of prescription drug benefits, and offering tax credits to small businesses to enable them to provide coverage for their employees. These initiatives are especially timely after so many working families lost their jobs and savings during the recession.” [emphasis added]

What better way to convey the simplicity and sensibility of Obamacare than by inviting 80 different agencies to explain how everyone “can and will benefit.” Would we not have known – or felt – those benefits otherwise?

I particularly like how Sestak’s press release refers to “working families” who “lost their jobs” during the recession (as opposed to non-working families who lost their jobs?). Note the past tense in his reference to the recession.

Considering that the heft of the bill won’t go into effect until 2014, including non-discrimination by insurance companies, it’s difficult to view Joe Sestak’s publicity fair as much more than thinly veiled campaigning.


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