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John Kasich’s Economic Plan: Fuel for the Grist of Anti-Corporate Left

With the release of Republican Gubernatorial hopeful John Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Department of Development, anti-corporate Democrats are feeling a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of would-be Ralph Naders suddenly tried to get their hands on public records in order to distort them for litigious purposes, and were suddenly silenced. The Columbus Dispatch reports:

John Kasich’s privatization proposal to put the Ohio Department of Development out of business in favor of a tax-funded nonprofit corporation now is a matter of public record on the campaign trail.

But what will become of public records?

The Republican gubernatorial candidate’s plan to create an entity known as JobsOhio raises questions about future access to records and financial information now considered public.A nonprofit that performs the government’s former duties with a hybrid of tax dollars and private donations is a much-murkier creature to explore when compared with the transparency now afforded by public-records laws.[…]

Nonprofits also have to report their five highest-paid providers of professional services and other services to the IRS. But all the information could be old before it becomes public. Tax-filing extensions typically result in tax forms that are 2 years old before Form 990s are available.

Asked if the nonprofit would make its records public, Nichols replied: “The right balance will be reached between JobsOhio’s mission to help its business clients create jobs for Ohio taxpayers and its duty to responsibly and transparently manage resources entrusted to it by Ohio taxpayers.”

Lis Smith, Gov. Ted Strickland’s campaign spokeswoman, said: “Ohioans concerned about responsible spending should be terrified by Kasich’s Wall Street values and continued disregard for the public’s right to know.”


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