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Kasich Campaign: Strickland More Loyal to Obama than Ohio

The Kasich campaign has released a new press statement slamming Ted Strickland for his repeat fundraising visits from President Obama:

Ted Strickland recently said, “I think if I’m the governor in 2012, President Obama will carry Ohio.”

Ted Strickland has again reminded Ohioans about where his loyalties lie. Strickland would rather support Obama’s tax-and-spend policies that are creating a crippling debt for our children than support business growth and job creation in Ohio.

John Kasich as Governor of Ohio poses a huge threat to President Obama and Ted Strickland’s long-term, big government agenda.

Next week, President Barack Obama will be making his ninth trip to Ohio.  Ted Strickland supported his government-controlled health care mandate, and now President Obama is returning the favor by helping Ted Strickland raise money from special interest groups to prop-up his struggling campaign.

We previously asked you and many others to support our efforts to stop Ted Strickland from winning re-election this year and also help us win in 2012 by raising $100,000. Together, we surpassed that goal. Thank you!  Now, with less than 12 weeks left until the election, we need to keep up the pressure – please help us send a clear message to Ted Strickland and the President that we are ready to move in a new direction by helping us build upon the $100,000 mark.

Please take a moment to watch this short video about Ted Strickland’s comments and his support for President Obama’s failed policies. We hope that you will also take a moment to make a generous contribution and help us get out our positive message of returning prosperity back to Ohio.

John Kasich and I thank you for your support. Together, we can get this done.


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