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At Least Lee Fisher Has Some Support…

The Daily Kos is evidently thrilled at how hard Lee Fisher is hitting Rob Portman, and has linked to a story for all to ooh and aah over:

In a blistering attack, Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate said Rob Portman, his Republican opponent, had “sold out American workers” and was the ‘chief architect’ of trade and budget policies that cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs. […]

‘Everyone knows that this is not a state recession,’ Fisher said.  ‘It’s a national recession caused by the misguided policies of the Bush administration.’

The problem? Kos didn’t exactly check the source. It is none other than Peoples’ World, the American Communist Party’s successor to the Daily Worker. If you don’t believe me, check the Party’s twitter, where the story is prominently featured.


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