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A Look at Ken Buck’s Campaign Plan

John Tomasic of The Colorado Independent takes a behind-the-scenes look at winning primary campaign. Here’s campaign consultant Walt Klein explaining the come-from-behind Buck victory:

“In the primary, Ken was focused on what you’ve got to do first, which is line up a base of support. You can’t fake grassroots support. You either have it or you don’t have it. You can’t send a letter out to people who have never met you and expect them to sign onto support your campaign. He did the work for almost a year, in every part of the state. He lined up the base. Among people who had met him, he was winning straw polls by a country mile.”

Klein said media outlets reporting on the Buck campaign mostly by examining fund-raising tallies were missing the larger part of the campaign story.

“Voters are clearly looking for a different kind of candidate in this election cycle and they saw, I think with Ken from the beginning, they saw here’s a guy who has the potential. And the more they saw him, the more they listened to him. The more they saw him with the other candidates, the more attractive he became.”


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