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Lou Barletta: Keystone Favorite?

CQPolitics.com ran a story this week on House GOP candidates’ strength with in-state fundraising. Among the heavyweights was Pennsylvania’s own Lou Barletta, who first attracted national attention in the early aughts for his tough stand against illegal immigrants as mayor of Hazleton.

Barletta is running a hard campaign (his third attempt) against forever-incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorski:

Almost 60 percent of Rep. Paul Kanjorski’s (D-Pa.) $500,000 in individual donations came from outside of the Keystone State. His Republican challenger, Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, has raised 88 percent of his personal checks from Pennsylvanians.

I first began noticing a few weeks ago that Barletta’s web ads seemed to blanket nearly every political website I would visit. I’d imagine those ads are playing a significant role, both inside and outside the Keystone State.


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