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Maes Rejects Tancredo’s Offer for Both to Bail from CO Governor’s Race

Dan Maes has rejected the latest offer/proposal/suggestion, this time from Tom Tancredo, who suggested that both should exit the race in favor of allowing the GOP to select a new candidate via a vacancy committee and field a more viable offering in the fall against Democrat John Hickenlooper:

Maes, through his spokesman Nate Strauch said: “Dan flatly rejected this offer.”

“He won the nomination fair and square and never engaged in backroom dealings before, and he certainly is not going to start now especially for a third-party candidate,” he said.[…]

Wadhams said Tancredo called him the other day and said he was interested in speaking to Maes about dropping out of the governor’s race. Wadhams decided to deliver the offer himself, since there was a “possibility of eliminating the current three-way race that gives the Democratic candidate a huge advantage.”

“I thought it was my responsibility as state chairman to do that and did so this morning. Dan indicated he would stay in the race. I consider the matter closed,” he said. [emphasis added]

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