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Marco Rubio Holds His First ‘Facebook Town Hall’

Marco Rubio held his first “Facebook Town Hall” meeting last night — although, unusual as it may sound, the idea has been tried before, so it wasn’t a first ever.

Rubio spoke via webcam for a few minutes, and then answered questions posted by some of the more than 350 Facebook members tuned in to the event. Topics fielded included Obamacare (Rubio is against), term limits (for), the “FairTax” (for), Justices Sotomayor and Kagan (against) and, oddly enough, recreational fishing (unequivocally for).

The only hiccup seemed to be that the questions and comments were coming in too quickly for Rubio to read and digest them before they were pushed down the page by more incoming messages.

“These are coming in pretty fast,” he laughed at one point.

Sad you missed out on the action? Never fear, my Facebook friend. More are promised.

“We’re going to keep doing this as we move forward,” Rubio said.


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