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From the Nancy Pelosi Theological Institute

Evidently the Nancy Pelosi school of Catholic theology is picking up steam. A group called Catholics United recently spoke out against the Susan B. Anthony list’s “Votes Have Consequences” tour, which targeted Democratic Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The “Votes have Consequences” bus tour, organized by the Susan B. Anthony List, kicked off in Cincinnati Tuesday morning.  The Politics Extra blog post on that can be read here.

“Despite ample evidence to the contrary, the religious right continues to spread lies about federal funding of abortion in service of a partisan agenda,” said Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United. “These anti-health care reform activists are either woefully ignorant of the legislation or willfully misleading the public. In either case, this behavior has a corrosive effect on our public debate.”

Tim Mulvey,  Driehaus’s campaign spokesman, called the bus tour a “campaign of fear and misinformation” aimed at using the  issue of abortion for political gain.

So evidently the fact that the Catholic bishops opposed the health care bill for precisely this reason has no effect whatsoever on Catholics United’s reasoning. I guess bishops are now part of the “Religious Right” and are “woefully ignorant of the legislation.”


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