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Nevada’s ‘None of the Above’ Option Could Help Harry Reid

Las Vegas Sun political reporter Anjeannette Damon has a story about how Nevada’s unique “None of the above” box on the ballot could help Harry Reid on Nov. 2. If the polls are any indication, Nevada voters aren’t happy with either the Democrat or the Republican in the U.S. Senate race.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 55 percent unfavorable rating is matched by the 56 percent unfavorable rating of his GOP rival, Sharron Angle.

The most popular ballot option might not be for a person at all. “None of these candidates” is expected to draw a significant portion of the vote in November because of the candidates’ unpopularity and the pessimistic mood of the electorate.

More than merely a gauge of Nevada’s ennui, “none of the above” could determine the outcome of the election and will almost guarantee that the Senate race victor emerges with less than 50 percent of the vote.

Here is the story’s money quote, attributed to a well-respected GOP consultant in Nevada:

“In a situation where the incumbent is locked into a mid-40s approval rating and is having an incredibly difficult time getting to 50 percent, I think it helps the incumbent to have none of the above,” said Ryan Erwin, a Republican political consultant. “Anything on the ballot that drives Sharron Angle’s numbers down is a benefit to Harry Reid.”

Nevada is the only state to allow voters a none-of-the-above option in statewide races.


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