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New Ad from Kilroy Campaign

Mary Jo Kilroy has a new ad touting her credentials as a selfless servant of the people…or something:


But is the ad accurate? Sadly, no. The NRCC has found it wanting in the facts department. Tony Mazzola of the NRCC told Battle ‘10, “Mary Jo Kilroy’s hoping she can fool voters into believing that she’s looking out for them in Congress, but the truth is that she’s a partisan rubberstamp for Speaker Nancy Pelosi who supported the bailout.  She had plenty of chances to stop the bailout or add accountability, but she went along with her party bosses.  This ad smacks of hypocrisy because Kilroy has been following the example set by her Washington leaders, unlike the phony claim she makes about leading by example.”


From the NRCC’s press release:

Kilroy’s Record on the TARP bailout Fact Checked

·         In January 2009 Kilroy voted against requiring that bailout funds be repaid (H.R. 384, CQ Vote #25, Jan. 21, 2009)

·         In November 2009 Kilroy voted to allow the Treasury Department to extend $700 billion from TARP beyond its scheduled expiration, also known as the financial industry bailout (Paulsen Amendment, House Financial Services Committee Markup of H.R. 3996, Nov. 17, 2009).

·         In voting for the stimulus bill, Kilroy supported a loophole that allowed Wall Street executives to receive millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded bonuses.


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