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New Angle Ad Says She Wants to Save Social Security

Angle has in the past said she wanted to “phase out” or “transition out” of Social Security. But her new television ad to begin airing Thursday focuses on her statement that she wants to “save” the program by “locking the lock box” in order to stop Harry Reid from raiding it “to pay for his own pet projects.”

“We have a contract with our seniors who have put into Social Security in good faith,” she says in the ad, the release of which coincides with the 75th anniversary of the program.

Harry Reid has said the Social Security system needs reform to ensure future funding while adding that it is not in any immediate danger and can pay full benefits for at least the next next two decades.

Team Angle no doubt hopes the new ad will reassure seniors who saw the following Harry Reid ad saying she wants to “wipe out” Social Security and characterizing the program as “welfare”:

Here’s the new Angle ad in which she addresses seniors directly:


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