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New Angle Web Ad: ‘Sins of the Father’

The new Sharron Angle web ad uses snippets from a commercial from Nevada gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid that asked ‘how much lower [can] Nevada go?’


The press release that wrapped the ad included the use of the loaded phrase “Reid dynasty” via this snippet:

Rory Reid has already dropped his last name in this campaign after describing his father as ‘not my political mentor.’ 


“Frankly, when you look at Harry Reid’s economic record, it’s not hard to see why Rory is so embarrassed. The fact is, Rory is asking the right question here,” said Angle Communications Director Jarrod Agen. “This state needs to be taken in a new direction. We can’t afford to hand over Nevada’s future to the Reid dynasty―our economy won’t survive it.”

Though much has been written and said about father and son on the same ballot, this is the first political ad that links the two Reids together.


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