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New Poll Has Angle and Reid a Point Apart, Many Voters Wishing for Other Options

A new Mason-Dixon poll shows Harry Reid at 45 percent and Sharron Angle at 44 percent. Five percent were undecided, 4 percent chose none of the above, and 2 percent chose other candidates.

The survey also found that voters are less than thrilled with their ballot choices. Two-thirds of voters who say they support Angle wish another Republican had won the nomination, and nearly 80 percent of those who do not like either candidate say the same. Undecided voters are not wild about Reid, either. Fifty-eight percent say they would have preferred someone other than the majority leader as the nominee. 

Reid, who once seemed destined to lose and in this poll has a 52 percent unfavorable rating, is no doubt watching Angle’s rising negatives with satisfaction. Angle is now seen unfavorably by 43 percent, two points higher than a poll taken two weeks ago.

Read the rest of the poll numbers and commentary from Nevada political observers here.


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