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New Reid Ad Uses Clips from Nevada Journalists Talking about Angle

A newly released ad from Team Reid uses the statements of numerous Nevada journalists to continue to hammer Sharron Angle on her past and present rhetoric on Social Security:

The press release was headlined:

NEW AD: Sharron Angle’s Being Dishonest About Social Security

Independent journalists call out attempts by Angle’s new DC handlers to remake her history of promising to kill the program

And continues:

LAS VEGAS – You have got to be kidding.

That’s the only possible reaction to the latest attempt by Sharron Angle’s new DC handlers to revise history and trick Nevadans into thinking the wants to protect Social Security.  Angle’s record and past statements clearly demonstrate that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Columnist John L. Smith sums up the latest attempt, from a candidate whose jaw-dropping statements seem to know no bounds:

“On the issue of Social Security reform, Angle is trying to salvage her campaign by rewriting her vocabulary in a manner that would have made Orwell blush.”

That’s right, in a progression that goes from “wipe out” to “phase out” to “transition out” to “privatize” to “personalize” (taking a brief vacation southward to the nation of Chile) Sharron Angle’s new DC handlers have brazenly settled on a new word for her Social Security agenda – save.”

The Angle campaign on Friday provided Battle ‘10 with her latest comments on Social Security including:

Here is where I stand. Pay back the $2.5 trillion. Those senior citizens paid into the fund in good faith over many, many years and many, many paychecks. That fund should be there and not out financing some pet project or program for Harry Reid.


When we have a $2.5 trillion raid and pillaging going on, an empty trust fund, and now we are upside down — $41 billion less coming in than going out — it is broken. Whenever you haven’t kept your promise to senior citizens and kept their money in a secured place, in fact you have allowed what Harry Reid said was “stealing” to go on, it is broken.

I thought that this only happened in the private sector where we could have a personalized account. I have since begun to study this, and found out that it also happens in the public sector. So, when I said privatize, that’s what I meant. I thought that we would just have to go to the private sector for a template on how this is supposed to be done. What we need is just a personalized retirement account that becomes and [sic] asset.


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