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NRCC Prepares Fall Ad Campaign, Betsy Markey Named Top Target

Exact amounts and precise plans are forthcoming and still subject to change, but expect the TV ad battle to escalate as long as the race between Rep. Betsy Markey and GOP challenger Cory Gardner remains a toss up:

The National Republican Congressional Committee plans to run TV ads in the 4th Congressional District this fall, several national media outlets are reporting, but money challenges and a wealth of races to target make it unlikely the committee will spend at its previous levels in the district.

An NRCC spokeswoman confirmed that the 4th Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Betsy Markey of Fort Collins, is among 40 districts targeted for advertising reservations this fall, though she said she couldn’t comment on how much money is involved. Media reports said the NRCC was reserving a total of $22 million of airtime in the 40 districts.

“It’s clear that Betsy Markey is a one-term wonder and therefore, the NRCC will take advantage of every opportunity available to remind voters that they’re facing higher debt, higher taxes and higher unemployment thanks to Markey’s failed policies,” spokeswoman Joanna Burgos said. [emphasis added]

The NRCC at this point has only outlined its plans to Washington-based political reporters and hasn’t yet reserved any advertising time. And even when they do make the reservation, it isn’t a commitment to buy the advertising and will be subject to change as the campaign unfolds.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $50 million in TV ad time in more than 60 districts, including $700,000 for the 4th Congressional District. The DCCC spent about $1.2 million in the district in 2008, when Markey defeated Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave.

Americans for Prosperity, a 501(c)(4), has already put out an ad comparing Markey to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi:

Markey released her first ad this week, playing up a pro-business theme while attacking bailouts as “offensive.”


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