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Obama’s Yucca Mountain Policy Helps Harry Reid

The Washington Times says Obama’s policy to scrap plans for Yucca Mountain is good for Harry Reid, but not for other Democrats in states that were relying on the nuclear-waste repository. One legislator recently stated his concern and urged the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to speed up its decision. The matter is far from settled, but for the time being Reid can say Yucca Mountain is dead and claim he is the guy who killed it.

Polling from the past five years has shown that more than half of Nevadans oppose storing waste at the site. However, a recent poll conducted for the Las Vegas Review-Journal showed that only 44 of the respondents in Nevada oppose opening the Yucca site for reprocessing, while 38 percent support the idea and 18 percent are undecided. 

Yucca Mountain has barely been mentioned by either Reid or Sharron Angle in the general election campaign so far, but it did come up in a number of GOP debates during the primary season. Angle said she supported making Yucca Mountain a job-creating “profitable reprocessing center,” and that the project and the nuclear industry in general have too long “been demonized” by Harry Reid.

However, Yucca Mountain is not mentioned on the Issues page of Angle’s current campaign website.


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