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OH-6 Drawing National Attention

Yesterday, CNN profiled the race in OH-6 between Democrat Charlie Wilson and Republican Bill Johnson. The seat has clear symbolic value in Ohio (it’s Governor Ted Strickland’s old seat) and is also probably a good bellwether for Republican success throughout the country. Highlights from CNN’s Political Ticker:

Jobs, jobs, jobs are dominating the race for Ohio’s sixth congressional district, which means in this once-solidly Democratic seat, Republicans now see an opportunity.

For more than a decade, Democrats have triumphed in the sprawling district of 12 counties running along Ohio’s southeastern border. Two-time incumbent Rep. Charlie Wilson, Democrat, won his two congressional races with more than 60 percent of the vote. His first victory came via a rare successful write-in campaign in 2006, after Wilson’s campaign missed a deadline to get his name on the ballot.[…]

But backlash against a stagnant economy and opposition to Democratic initiatives such as health care reform have given an opening to Republican challenger Bill Johnson.[…]

Energy is a hot topic, but here there’s not much separating the candidates. Incumbent Wilson voted against the 2009 “cap and trade” energy proposal, and his challenger says Ohioans should be able to take advantage of America’s natural resources. Johnson says politicians should be held to a higher ethical standard and has called on Wilson to repudiate embattled New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel.

Johnson, however, is still fighting an uphill battle with a much smaller pot of cash than his established opponent. Wilson boasts deep financial reserves, with $607,677 on hand as of June 30. Johnson has about $150,000 to spend. However, in the second quarter, Johnson pulled in about $40,000 more than Wilson.


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