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Ohio Democratic Party Strategy: All Class Warfare, All the Time

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat, spoke at Voto Manufacturing, an employee-owned firm in Steubenville, last night. The Wheeling News-Register reports:

Strickland commended Voto for growing amid a recession as a testament to its management and workers.

‘We need political leadership that understands the needs of average, working middle-class folks,’ Strickland said.

Strickland said [Republican gubernatorial candidate John] Kasich, through his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement, most-favored nation status for China, attempts to abolish trade adjustment support for displaced workers and more, show[s] he is out of touch with workers and their needs. Strickland touched his theme that Kasich became a managing director for Lehman Brothers after leaving Congress, putting him at the company that led to the fall of the American economy.

Strickland also said Kasich’s concept of eliminating Ohio’s income tax will not work and would cut funding for libraries, police departments and more.

And, meanwhile, in the Senate Race:

Lee Fisher, the Ohio lieutenant governor running for U.S. Senate, is highlighting the “Big Oil” campaign donations that his opponent, Rob Portman, has received.

Fisher, a Democrat, wants BP to pay for all damages and losses, and he suggests that Portman prefers lenience for BP. By noting the money the Republican’s campaign has received, Fisher implies that Portman will do BP’s bidding.

Well, it’s a good thing Lee Fisher and John Kasich are here to protect us from candidates who take lots of money from Wall Street and morally questionable oil companies.

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