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One-on-One with Pat Toomey

WHP-TV in Harrisburg spoke with Toomey one-on-one. The candidate talks about his family, his history as a small-business owner, and the impact of Washington policies on job growth.

When asked to describe his candidacy in 30 seconds or less, Toomey outlined the following three points as the core of his campaign:

  • “You want to have more jobs, a stronger economy, and you realize it comes from the private sector and not from ever bigger government.”

  • “You think we really shouldn’t be saddling our kids with unaffordable deficits and debt — I’m not in favor of those kinds of deficits, and Joe Sestak has voted for them.”

  • “You think there ought to be some checks and balances in government, instead of one party having complete control, and that both parties should have a seat at the table.”

Here’s the clip:


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