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Palin And Pennsylvania

Laura Vecsey at PennLive.com wrote a worthwhile speculation-piece on Sarah Palin’s potential impact in Pennsylvania.

[Tom] Jensen said his group [Public Policy Polling] conducted an interesting poll in Pennsylvania last month, asking people if they would be more or less likely to vote for a Palin-endorsed candidate.     

“Republicans said they would be 47 percent more likely and 18 percent less likely to vote for her endorsed candidate,” he said. “Democrats said they would be 75 percent less likely and 11 percent more likely to vote for a Palin-endorsed candidate, which shows the huge difference between parties,” he said.     

In other words, a Palin endorsement for Toomey or Corbett would likely only serve to turn away potential middling Republicans.

Given the enormous roll that independents will play in the Keystone State (roughly 20 percent remain undecided), it’s disappointing that there is not data on their reaction to a potential Palin endorsement.


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