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On Pennsylvania As Battleground State

Earlier this month, I wrote about Pennsylvania’s reputation as a battleground state, despite the fact that it hasn’t voted for a Republican president in nearly a quarter century.

A recent post from Public Policy Polling adds some further color to the red-blue debate:

“In Pennsylvania Obama’s approval is 40% with 55% of voters disapproving of him. 85% of Republicans disapprove while just 68% of Democrats approve and independents go against him by a 63/32 margin. Only 78% of people who voted for him in 2008 like the job he’s doing while 93% who voted against him disapprove, identical numbers to Florida on that count,’’ Public Policy Polling writes.

I’m not interested in making bets on 2012 so far out, but these numbers are not good, and they’re going to play a role on November 2. When 63 percent of independents reject you (and by proximity your vision), you’re going to weigh down everyone running on your ticket.

This is, of course, why Joe Sestak is working to cast himself as “independent minded” and “non-ideological”.


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