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Poll: McCollum Now Leads Scott, Democrat Leads Both

This week, in the wake of several polls showing Rick Scott leading Bill McCollum for the GOP gubernatorial nod, McCollum has consistently stated the belief that his campaign has retaken the lead. Many dismissed the bravado as a PR tactic.

Turns out he was right. A new Mason-Dixon poll shows McCollum leading Scott 34-30.

Democrat Alex Sink now leads both campaigns, beating McCollum 37-35 and dominating Scott 40-24. But here’s the kicker from the Miami Herald: “Only 42 percent of Republicans would support Scott against Sink — but if she faced McCollum, he’d receive 69 percent of the GOP support.”

Many ballots for the Aug. 24 primary have already been cast due to Florida’s early voting rules, but many more have not. Whether GOP voters who have yet to pull the lever will take today’s poll — and McCollum’s inevitable forthcoming attacks on Scott’s electability — into account when they step into the voting booth could make the difference in this election.


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