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PPP: Bennet Maintains Small Lead, GOP Primaries a Toss Up, Large Bloc of Undecideds Remain

On the eve of Colorado’s Aug. 10 primary, Public Policy Polling released the results of its latest poll (pdf) conducted over the weekend (Aug. 7-8) that indicates extremely tight races for both GOP Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate primaries. The Democratic U.S. Senate primary results give appointed Sen. Michael Bennet a bit of breathing room, but all three races still possess a large, untapped “undecided” response that could push the results later into the night on Tuesday:

Democratic U.S. Senate Primary:

Sen. Michael Bennet 49

Andrew Romanoff 43

Undecided 9

GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Scott McInnis 41

Dan Maes 40

Undecided 19

GOP U.S. Senate Primary

Ken Buck 43

Jane Norton 45

Undecided 12

Democrats and Republicans are running up voter turnout, with Democrats already exceeding recent primary numbers, and Republicans closing in on the high-water mark of 2004, when former Rep. Bob Schaffer lost to Colorado beer baron Pete Coors.

Total returned ballots by party through 3pm Friday, according to the Colorado Secretary of State:



Monday’s totals will be available after 3 p.m. MDT.


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