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Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D) Calls Out Charlie Rangel

Apparently Charlie Rangel’s audition to play Jefferson Smith didn’t please at least one Ohio Democrat:

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Ohio) was not enamored with Rep. Charles Rangel’s (D-N.Y.) lengthy speech on the floor of the House Tuesday defending himself against allegations of corruption from the House ethics committee.

Kilroy is one of nearly a dozen Democratic House members to call on Rangel to resign his seat in Congress in light of the charges. Most of those calls have been from Democrats such as Kilroy who face tough Republican challenges this fall.

“I think he deserves a date before the ethics committee,” Kilroy said. “To the extent it took him an hour to say that…” […]

Kilroy said while Rangel is entitled to fight, “He doesn’t see it the way we do in Ohio.”

Trouble is, I’m not sure Kilroy sees it the way Ohio sees it all the time either. She’s consistently ranked as one of the more vulnerable Democrats, and most people seem to agree that her vulnerability is what’s causing her about-face on Rangel. In fact, Kilroy’s vulnerability seems to be influencing her to do all sorts of things for the sake of popularity:

Vulnerable Democrats who voted in favor of the aid stressed the bill does not add to the federal deficit and said the measure was vital to keeping tens of thousands of teachers in their jobs.

“I voted ‘yes’ to keep over 5,500 teachers in their classrooms in Ohio,” said Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Ohio), who is facing a tough challenge from Republican Steve Stivers, who narrowly lost to Kilroy in 2008.

“The only reason we had to rush back here is because Republicans in the Senate kept holding up help,” Kilroy said.

Really? It’s the Republicans’ fault that you’re getting saddled with extra spending? The fact that school districts are having their arms twisted by state government officials with ties to unions has nothing to do with it?


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