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Reuters/Ipsos: Buck Leads Bennet 49-40

Ken Buck leads Sen. Michael Bennet, 49-40 percent, in the newest Reuters/Ipsos poll.

This is the first new poll in two weeks since a Rasmussen Reports poll found Buck with a 46-41 percent lead immediately after the August 10 primary.

Meanwhile, National Republican Senatorial Committee press secretary Amber Marchand responded to the BATTLE ‘10 story on Bennet’s comments about “nothing to show for” trillions in debt:

“After he championed President Obama’s reckless spending agenda, it’s astounding and insulting that appointed Senator Michael Bennet is just now admitting that we have ‘nothing to show for’ the enormous debt that he racked up in Washington. Bennet has unabashedly rubberstamped President Obama’s out-of-control economic policies instead of standing up for hardworking Coloradans who, in fact, have ‘nothing to show for’ their junior Senator’s partisan pandering in Washington. This November, there’s no doubt that voters will hold Bennet accountable for his disingenuous rhetoric when they elect fiscally responsible Republican Ken Buck to the U.S. Senate.”

**Update–Buck’s press secretary Owen Loftus responds to BATTLE ‘10:

“The Reuters/Ipsos poll is more good news for Ken. Coloradans understand that Ken will be a strong, independent voice for the voters, not a rubberstamp for the special interests. Coloradans don’t and can’t trust Michael Bennet. Bennet preaches fiscal responsibility while in Colorado, only to go to DC and rubberstamp $13 trillion of debt. Coloradans expect more from their senator, even an appointed one.”


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