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RGA: No Funding for Maes?

The Republican Governors Association had previously planned to help the Colorado GOP retake the governor’s mansion by pouring millions of dollars in ads and other resources into the state ahead of the November election. But that help does not appear to be forthcoming for last week’s primary winner, Dan Maes:

Two Colorado Republicans with knowledge of the Republican Governors Association’s plans said Tuesday that the political committee has decided not to bankroll television and other ads supporting GOP gubernatorial hopeful Dan Maes.

Maes spoke at length with RGA leaders Tuesday to discuss how the group might help him, financially or otherwise. He was told that election laws ban political committees from discussing financial and strategy matters with campaigns, Maes spokesman Nate Strauch said. [emphasis added]

The phone call marked Maes’ most substantive conversation with the group, typically a power player in gubernatorial races, Strauch said.

“We’re certainly hopeful for their help, but we’re not expecting anything,” Strauch said.

Tom Tancredo’s entrance into the race as a candidate from the American Constitution Party appears to have effectively driven the RGA from the race, which no longer viewed it as competitive. Cook Political Reports moved the Colorado gubernatorial race from “toss up” in June to “likely D” after the Aug. 10 primary.

Rasmussen’s Aug. 13 poll found Democrat John Hickenlooper with 43 percent support, followed by Maes with 31 percent and Tancredo trailing with just 18 percent.


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