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RGA’s Words Used Against Itself

Hot on the heels of the Rick Scott GOP unity tour, the Democratic Governors Association has issued a statement respectfully requesting that Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour decline to endorse Scott. The letter quotes Barbour’s attack on Scott from the primary campaign and notes that this statement has been scrubbed from the RGA’s website.

And it’s all written with the air of a disinterested third party.

Since Scott’s ‘victory’ – if that word can be used to describe a race to the bottom where he failed to win even 50 percent of the vote – some of you have pledged your ‘full resources’ to elect a man whose company pleaded guilty to bilking taxpayers and seniors and paid the largest Medicare fraud settlement in U.S. history. We are asking you to reconsider. We are asking Republicans who have yet to endorse to Scott to oppose his candidacy.

While some of you may question our motives, as we clearly support Alex Sink for governor, this is the first time in our history that we have reached across the aisle to make this request.


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