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Rick Scott Up 47-40 in New Poll, Meek Sweeps 51-27

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Rick Scott leading Bill McCollum 47-40 in the GOP gubernatorial primary, while Kendrick Meek sweeps Jeff Greene 51-27:

The older and more racially diverse the electorate is on Tuesday the better McCollum’s prospects will be. He leads by 13 points with senior citizens, but trails by 16 with voters under 65. He’s ahead by 12 points with non white voters, but trails by 12 points with white voters. […]

Meek’s70-9 lead with African Americans is certainly a key component of his success but he’s also up 47-37 with white voters.It may be a Pyrrhic victory for Meek on Tuesday night though. The 57% of Democratic primary voters who approve of Charlie Crist’s work as Governor exceeds the 50% who have a favorable opinion of Meek. He faces a very difficult road in the general election.


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